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Want to impress EVERYONE! This cake is everything! From its decadent Black chocolate finish that will leave anyone in the room drooling, the luxurious speckle of 24k Gold leaf (REAL GOLD) to the hand poured & pulled Roasted walnut praline. 



    Our food ethics are what gives BAKED GC such a strong foundation, we have and will continue to make our products traditionally by hand using only the best locally sourced ingredients.


    BAKED GC products are made from ingredients that contain gluten, eggs, milk and tree nuts. BAKEDGC products do not use sulphites, pork gelatin, partially hydrogenated oils or added preservatives as ingredients but some may be present due to shared equipment, storage.


    Gluten Free alternatives contain No Added Gluten – made from ingredients that do not contain gluten, however traces of gluten may be present due to a shared kitchen.


    Think you may need to cancel? Simply let us know before our Required notice cutoff time for a full refund.

    Notice within the Cut off period will result in a credit being applied to you.

    Minimum notice of 48hours applies for cancellations.


    Something wrong with your order? Our products are hand made & made to order, great care is taken to ensure your order is to our standard.Please notify us immediately (within 24hours) regarding any Faulty products for Return/refund steps.


    Whats that? You have leftovers? Simply wrap & store in your fridge for 3 days or pop into your freezer for up to 3 months.


    Your Artisan cake is delicate, made with love & a whole lot of butter. Please care for it the same way by ensuring it is chilled in the fridge for storage & prior to transporting, to keep that butter stable!


    When you are ready for your event, simply display (out of direct sunlight) & let your guests enjoy the beauty of your dessert.


    Our cakes are best consumed at room temperature so they taste best after being on display between 2-4hours.


    All of our cakes are torted (layered) with filling in between, the below chart are our approximate dimensions for your size.

    Serves 8ppl   5x3 | 13cm wide by 13cm tall

    Serves 12ppl 5x4 | 13cm wide by 16cm tall

    Serves 15ppl 5x5 | 13cm wide by 19cm tall

    Serves 20ppl 6x4 | 16cm wide by 16cm tall

    Serves 25ppl 6x5 | 16cm wide by 19cm tall

    Serves 30ppl 6x6 | 16cm wide by 26cm tall

    All cakes are provided on an 8" round cake board & will fit most cake stands.

    Keep in mind the additional height depending on the toppings, for example our Fresh floral arrangements generally add 10cm of height to your cake.

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